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Most Common Types of Notarizations


An acknowledgment is normally required for documents concerning valuable assets, like deeds and mortgages. An acknowledgment confirms the identity of the signer and that the signature was not coerced or forced, but was voluntary. A Notary Public can perform an acknowledgment on documents that are already signed; they are not required to be present during the actual signing. The signer must be present when a document is notarized.


A jurat confirms the authenticity and validity of the information in a document. When performing a jurat, the Notary must be present when the signer signs the document. The Notary must also lead the signer through an oath, in which he or she confirms the statements made in the document are true.

Signature Witnessing

When performing signature witnessing, a Notary witnesses an individual sign a document and confirms the signer is who they claim to be. Signature witnessing is similar to acknowledgments, with the difference that the documents must be signed in the Notary’s presence. Signature witnessing differs from a jurat in that an oath is not administered.

Oaths and Affirmations

In some instances, the work of a Notary Public may not even involve any type of document or contract. Much like the oath a Notary Public would lead a client through when conducting a jurat, a Notary can administer an affirmation or oath for a client. An affirmation is a pledge of honor, while an oath is a pledge to a higher being. Both affirmations and oaths are acts indicating truthfulness.

Copy Certification

A copy certification is simply a confirmation that a copy of a document is authentic and true to the original. Documents that typically require copy certification include driver’s licenses, vehicle titles, leases, contracts, bills of sale, Social Security cards, medical records and diplomas.

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