Notary and Document signing FAQs

1: Sending the document(s) to us and set up an appointment;

2.  On the appointment date and time, you will receive a link to start the identification process. This process is two fold, verifying you valid ID and knowledge base verification by answering some questions;

3. Meet with the AZMobileNotaries® online via live audio video connection and review the document you will be signing and then sign electronically, the notary will then notarize the document, and payment for services rendered.

The notary public must witness the signing of the documents the need notorized.

If the document signer is unable to produce property identification,

If the document signer is unable to produce credible identifying witnesses when required,

If the document in question is incomplete and/or contains blank spaces,

If the document does not provide notarial wording and the signer is unable to provide instructions as such,

If the Notary Public is uncertain of the signer’s mental awareness, willingness or has cause to suspect fraud,

Every Notary Public can not perform notary services outside the state he or she is commissioned in. For example, Arizona Notary may not travel to California and/or any other state to perform notary services unless they are also commissioned in that State

Notary fees may vary a little due to what each notary charges for their personal professional time involved with signing of your documents.

The state of Arizona regulates what a notary can charge for each signature within your documents and per-mile of travel. To understand those fees regulated by the state please feel free to go see them HERE.

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