AZ Mobile Notaries
Serving Chandler, Arizona

We Provide Mobile Notary Services in the city of Chandler Arizona and surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us by phone or our online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We may be with a client so please be patient with us. Thank you and we look forward to servicing your notary needs

We accept visa, mastercard and Discover cards, Paypal, Zelle, We also accept checks and cash. Please let us know your payment choice when scheduling your notary appointment.
Signing Fees

By law the State of Arizona sets a standard signing fee of $10 per signature and $0.44 cents per mile.


We also charge for our time as part of the convenience of us traveling to your location to notarize your documents


Minimum Fee we charge for our professional time are $40 dollars for most phoenix metro areas.

Outside Phoenix metro area is typically $65 and up depending on location.

We Accept the Following:

Required Identification you will need at time of signing

AZ Mobile Notaries® can only accept an identification card issued by the United States Government or a State, or Tribal Government. (A.R.S. § 41-311). The card must be current and must contain the following:

Individual’s photo


Written physical description

The ID card must meet all of these requirements.

AZ Mobile Notaries® can not use one ID card that has some of the requirements and another ID card that has the other requirements. The written physical description must contain, at a minimum, the individual’s height, weight, color of hair, and color of eyes. The identification card must be current.

Some specific types of identification cards accepted, providing they meet all Arizona statutory requirements, are the following:

Driver’s License

Military Identification Card

State-issued Identification Card

United States Government or State Agency Identification Card